At ECHO Tours and Charters, we take safety and training very seriously and have instituted a number of policies and procedures to ensure that everyone in the company — especially our Motorcoach Operators — understand its importance. Our safety programs and track record include:

  • Safety enforcement– All safety rules are enforced.
  • Retraining – Motorcoach Operators are retrained periodically to ensure that stringent safety standards are met
  • ADA vehicles – Motorcoach Operators are trained on use and maintenance
  • Safety Department - Regularly scheduled road observation and ride checks to monitor the performance of the Motorcoach Operators


After extensive interviews and background checking process, Motorcoach Driver applicants are invited to attend the ECHO Tours and Charters training program. Our in-depth training is designed to maximize the success of each trainee through hands-on-training, and group discussion. Our Training Includes:

  • Trip Inspection
  • Space Management
  • Passing Lane and Lane Changes
  • Backing Basics
  • Intersections
  • Pedestrian Awareness
  • Sensitivity training to develop empathy for mobility-challenged clients
  • Dispatch procedures
  • Client relations
  • Vehicle safety and inspection
  • Driver safety
  • Vehicle orientation
  • Service/product offerings
  • Airport procedures
  • Security Training
  • Each quarter of refresher training is used to reinforce concepts and maintain important skills

In addition, all ECHO Tours and Charters Motorcoach Operators participate in random and post-accident drug and alcohol tests and a DMV pull notification program. Successful graduates are qualified to drive luxury Motorcoaches, Mini buses, and executive suburbans and cars.