Important Safety-Transport Notice: It is especially important, when planning to travel by motorcoach throughout North America, to choose a United States Department of Defense (U.S. DOD) safety-certified passenger transport (motorcoach) company.

WHY? Because the DOD demands a far more comprehensive list of safety and quality standard of operating requirements are met by its list of approved passenger transport entities than of those passenger transport companies, which are not DOD safety-certified.

An independent, licensed safety and quality inspector must routinely audit all DOD safety-certified passenger transport companies.

The DOD is currently the only measurable safety and quality standardization process of its kind; and only those passenger transport companies that are DOD safety-certified are allowed to transport military personnel.

Relax; it’s Trailways!

DOD safety-certification standards are designed to provide all passengers with the most enjoyable and safest journey possible.

The U.S. DOD Safety-Certification Standards Ensure:

  • Drivers and customer service staff are fully uniformed.

  • Echo Transportation is formally committed to persistent training and standardized operating procedures, which aim to ensure safety and quality training procedures are present at all times.

  • The Echo Transportation motorcoach company’s vehicle safety maintenance system and maintenance records are subject to severe scrutiny as part of the quality assurance scheme.

  • There is an internal system in place, which includes documented checks to ensure that Trailways DOD safety-certified vehicles are safe, reliable, and presentable at all times.

  • Echo Transportation has a standardized, 24-hour Emergency Help-Line procedure in place.

  • In the event of a vehicle shortfall either through defect or over commitment, substituted Echo Transportation vehicles will meet the same high standards as an originally reserved vehicle.

  • A Echo Transportation point-of-contact is provided and continually staffed from 8AM to 6PM Central Time, Monday to Friday; and after hours from 6PM to 8AM Central Time, seven days a week.

  • A clean, safe, and professional environment consistent with all health and safety regulations provided by Echo Transportation at all times.

Remember: Only the DOD can provide objective, independent evidence that the North American-based passenger transport carrier maintains the highest possible safety and quality standards offered in motorcoach travel. Therefore, every time you travel by motorcoach, it is important to ensure you are traveling aboard a DOD safety-certified motorcoach company!

Want More Information? Click here to visit the United States Department of Defense (DOD) website for more information on safety-certified motorcoach carriers.